New year, new blog… new project!

Well, this is not “really” a new project. WesterEgg will be soon one year old, as a team. But now we will start to sell some of our products (mainly assets) and this allows us to work in Granny’s Hunters Club in better conditions.

In this year we have tested a little Alpha (surprisingly with a very positive feedback, despite its early stage) in the Madrid Gaming Experience, along with the guys of the La Isla’s Artist Alley. We have won the votes of the El ZeroUno’s Game Glory (and in march we will be back here with a 7 minute exposition!).

That makes us to feel very optimistic because we tink that our hard work have been appreciated by you, our audience.

Thanks a lot for this first year! And be aware, because this is the first of many entries of this development diary.


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